New CEO at the Nations HealthCareer School of Management

July 20th, 2008

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
The co:bios FOUNDATION is pleased to present Professor Jens-Uwe Niehoff, MD, MD sc. as the new CEO of the NHCS.
Mr Niehoff was university teacher for social medicine and epidemiology at the Charité Hospital Berlin for many years and headed the Institute of Social Medicine and Epidemiology at this international well-known hospital and medical school. He experienced several stays as guest, researcher and visiting professor but also as invited speaker at international congresses in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Sweden, United Kingdom. He was invited speaker at the RAND Corporation Los Angeles and the well known Centre for Health Administration Studies at the University of Chicago.
Professor Niehoff was also strategic consultant at one of the institutions of the German sick funds and at the association of the Evangelic hospitals at Berlin and Brandenburg between 1997 – 2006. He has been offered his expertise as an independent consultant by his Health Care Management Consulting since 2005.
Professor Niehoff is editor and author of many scientific publications und some teaching books for medical students and further graduates, like „Sozialmedizin systematisch“, a concedes dictionary for „Sozialmedizin und Public Health“ or the teaching book for Health Care management „Gesundheitssicherung – Gesundheitsversorgung – Gesundheitsmanagement: Grundlagen, Ziele, Aufgaben, Perspektiven“, edited in 2008. Professor Niehoff is lecturer at the Institute of Management at the University of Economics Berlin and cooperates with an EU-project which aims at implementing „MBA Health Care Management“ at the Friendship University Moscov.
He is also member of the scientific council of the „Akademie für Sozialmedizin Mecklenburg Vorpommern“, he directs the further graduation of medical doctors spezializing in social medicine in Brandenburg. Professor Niehoff is member of the International Association for Health Policy, member of the „Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sozialmedizin und Prävention“ and also member of the Boards of the scientific journal „Das Gesundheitswesen“.
The co:bios FOUNDATION is deeply convinced having found the ideal personality for the NHCS and is looking forward to cooperate with Professor Dr. Niehoff, the new executive Manager of the Nations HealthCareer School of Management.
The foundation wishes to thank Mrs Dorothée Meinecke for her dedicated work during the first steps of integrating the school into the infrastructure of the foundation.
Professor Niehoff will now be your partner as the CEO of the NHCS.
Kind regards
Sonja Malcherek
CEO of the co:bios FOUNDATION