Alumni Conference on Intercultural and Ethical Challenges in Healthcare

November 4th, 2006

On the weekend November 4th and 5th Nations HealthCareer School of Management and HFB- Business School of Finance and Management held an Alumni conference on “Intercultural and ethical challenges in healthcare”. Graduates from the programme Spring 2005 who graduated the day beforeias well as alumni from the MBA programmes 2002 – 2005 came from Asia, Europe and the Middle East to Frankfurt to share their experiences and to learn about Intercultural and Ethical Challenges in Healthcare.

The speakers included leading academics and practitioners: Prof. Hartmut Kliemt from HfB discussed with the participants on „The rationality and morality of rationing in healthcare“. Dr. Buchmann offered them a special training in intercultural issues and Dr. Frederick Giesel, himself an MBA alumni and researcher from the German Cancer Research Institute, Heidelberg, presented his ideas on „Clinical trials and ethics“.

Dagmar Möller, Executive Director of Nations HealthCareer School, stressed that this conference is part of a series of events launched together with the Fresenius Endowed Chair and Institute of International Health Management at HfB. It is intended also in the future to promote an active academic dialogue and to foster research with a transnational focus.
In this way, alongside its MBA-International Hospital and Healthcare Management Programme, Nations HealthCareer and HfB are building a skills network of international experts. Other events are already scheduled for China in March 2007.

NHCS has now launched its ninth course of study in the MBA International Hospital and healthcare Management Programme. Applications are currently being accepted for the next course, due to start in May 2007.


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