Next MBA programme starts in 2012

December 21st, 2011

The next study course for the MBA programme in International Healthcare and Hospital Management starts in 2012. The 24-month MBA programme is offered by Nations HealthCareer School of Management in cooperation with our academic partner.

This part-time MBA programme caters to professionals in full-time employment in the health, medical, pharmaceutical and hospital sectors from all over the world. It offers an intensive study in managerial skills tailored specifically to hospital and healthcare industry management. The programme’s primary aims are to enhance the participants´ ability to identify business opportunities, make clear cut decisions, as well as plan and control the organization using modern and efficient concepts in management. The programme also pays particular attention to the participants’ personal development, leadership talents, and entrepreneurial spirit.

The modular structure of this MBA programme consists of eight attendance modules and two e-based modules interspersed throughout an 24 month period culminating with a Master Thesis at the end of the programme.

The attendence modules are held in various international locations throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Each attendence module consists of 9 days of lectures, case-studies, practical exercises, site-visits, and round table discussions with experts. The different locations are chosen in order to avail to expert faculties, attend site-visits to centres of excellence in the healthcare industry, and take advantage of cross-cultural insights into a variety of healthcare managerial practices in order to ensure a truly international exchange of experiences.

The MBA in International Healthcare and Hopital Management attracts physicians, pharmacists, engineers, scientists, lawyers, economists, administrators and senior nurses aspiring to advance their careers in the healthcare sector. For further inquiries about this programme, please contact our office.


Nations HealthCareer School of Management is a nonprofit joint academic-industry initiative cofounded in 2001 by the Fresenius University Foundation for Healthcare Management and the co:bios FOUNDATION for Life Sciences. The school is dedicated to promoting education, training and research in the field of international healthcare management. It also aims at forstering the inter-cultural awarenes of healthcare professionals in order to prepare them for the rapid globalization taking place thoughout the healthcare industry. Since January 1st 2008, the School has exclusively been run by the co:bios FOUNDATION for Life Sciences.