As part of the School’s mission we actively promote the focus on the effectiveness of healthcare and health services. A high effectiveness of health services, both on terms of efficacy und of community effectiveness is (as the measure for the relation between the target of the services provided and there results) the final out come measure of any efforts of healthcare management. Effectiveness also clearly relates to quality und success and is therefore the central guidance for managers of healthcare.

An aspect of growing concern is to enhance managers and their health care organizations to respond to new patterns of care provision and new technologies but also on new demands immediately. Therefore, the key to ensure effectiveness lays in the hands of managers who are responsible for the internal processes of an institution by developing its human resources, by a target driven accounting, by a constant quality management, by a strictly target focused controlling and by implementing and using the health and service information technology.

Managing effectiveness needs concepts how to improve health care delivery and handling of evidence-based decision making as well.
The current global economic crises teaches managers not only to manage success and fortune but also crises and slow downs. Therefore recent developments push the need of management qualification also as part of a strategic decision making.