International – Multicultural

International experience will certainly and unavoidably be one of the central precondition for the success of healthcare managers of tomorrow. More than that, it will become an multicultural challenge of its own. This will not only be a challenge in terms of handling different national backgrounds of customers and patients but also of integrating and developing international staff members with different cultures, religions or genders into a “working body”. Students will be equiped with the skills to manage staff from a wide range of national, cultural and religious backgrounds.

To meet all this needs, the Nations HealthCareer School of Management makes this intercultural exchange to one of its major rules and policies for its students. The social skills that students develop or enhance during their studies include the appreciation of national characteristics and cultural differences. Participants in the largely international study groups enrich the discussions by formulating their own thoughts, feelings or views, thus bringing in their individual cultural backgrounds.

The study modules at various locations in the world are intended to enable students to make many personal contacts with government officials, ministries, local associations, health insurance funds and other relevant bodies, so that they can cultivate and draw on these contacts at a later stage in their professional career.