Nations HealthCareer School of Management is a nonprofit organization jointly founded in 2001 by the Fresenius University Foundation for Healthcare Management in Bad Homburg, and the co:bios FOUNDATION for Life Sciences in Berlin.

Since the beginning of 2008, the school has been exclusively run by the co:bios FOUNDATION for Life Sciences as one of its several daughter companies. The school’s headquarters are now located on the outskirts of Berlin in a town called Hennigsdorf. As a matter of fact, Hennigsdorf is home to one of the top German biotechnology R&D centres and enjoys a famed reputation on a national as well as international basis. It is also important to highlight the fundamental role the co:bios FOUNDATION has played in the initial development and continued success of this biotechnology park in Hennigsdorf.

Through the Nations HealthCareer School of Management, the co:bios FOUNDATION for Life Sciences relentlessly pursues it’s mission of providing top executives with the skills for managing tomorrow’s healthcare system.