MBA International Healthcare and Hospital Management

Developing the MBA International Healthcare and Hospital Management has been a strategic decision of the Nations HealthCareer School of management by focusing a new philosophy. One among others, there is the growing demand for healthcare-MBA offers while at the same time the interests are differentiating and extending beyond the frame of hospital management.

The international healthcare management has become a specific and alone standing subject but integrating all the parts of health services and industries as an integrated delivery system. This new focus is going to integrate the unique experiences of our MBA programmes in past, like its teaching and practical approach, seeking to transcend national borders and ways of thinking world wide and it focus on advanced financial management.

DO YOU want to be part of a growing network of international healthcare management specialists?
DO YOU want to be equipped with the essential tools that enable you to manage and lead where ever you may be in the healthcare industry?
DO YOU want to get ahead in your career in the healthcare industry?
DO YOU wish to explore all possible synergies that can be developed for your organization?

IF YOUR answer is YES,
consider an MBA – International Healthcare Management at Nations HealthCareer School of Management in cooperation with our academic partner.