The MBA International Healthcare Management programme will address the needs for current and future managers across public and private health care institutions including providers (especially hospitals), third-party payers (especially health insurers) and industry (both pharmaceutical and medical technology) – with a clear international focus on European actors but including issues of emerging markets.
The new name therefore reflects the scope of the program (both in terms of contents and professional background of participants) beyond hospitals to include the pharmaceutical, medical technology and health insurance sectors.

The broader scope is reflected in module organised around health care sectors, focussing on the specific markets incl. strategic management, business plan developments etc. These modules are supplemented by general management modules (e.g. on finance or leadership) and cross-sector but health care-specific modules (e.g. on information and quality management or economic evaluation).

The Academic Board ensures overall coherence and quality across modules and the entire curriculum Site visits an best practice examples will ensure an understanding of on the moves towards the health services systems of tomorrow. Each module is oriented towards the qualification in professional requirements, the development of practical but scientifically sound skills and solutions as well as an insight into a country’s health system and a particular sector of health care.

The MBA International Healthcare and Hospital Management, was designed by the Nations HealthCareer School of Management in the year 2001 in cooperation with the Donau University Krems and jointly offered together with the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in the period between the years 2003 and 2009. This cooperation has been successful for both the partners. The new partner has a tremendous experience in teaching healthcare management.