Students and Graduates Statements

Students who join our MBA Programme achieve excellence in many of the things they do. Through its academic and extracurricular components, Nations HealthCareer seeks to provide these students with outstanding knowledge and experience that will help them achieve at an even higher level.

Having completed the international postgraduate programme our students represent a handful of experts who have undertaken in-depth and intensive study of the wide range of management approaches and solutions deployed in the health systems on three continents of the world. The career prospects for our graduates are therefore excellent and graduates can usually expect to reach very quick not only higher positions but also higher salaries.

Listed below are some testimonials from current students and graduates of our MBA Programme:

Dr. Anna Xi Zhao, MBA, China, works as a medical doctor for a hospital in Beijing:

“I trained to be a clinician in China, but after medical practice in the UK, I have found a new international outlook. China is a unique market, with a GDP growth rate of more than 7% during the past 2 decades. This hospital management programme helps me speak another language, and to understand and be understood. With health service management, which is my future career goal, I hope to contribute to the development of society as a whole.”

Dr. Vuong Anh Duong, MBA, Ministry of Health of Vietnam, works for a department responsible for the master plan of new hospitals in Vietnam, evaluating the performance of existing hospitals:

“We are thinking about changing the system – especially the way hospitals are managed. We want them to work more efficiently. After finishing the course, I hope I will be able to pass on my knowledge to hospital managers in our country.”

Elena Vanni, MBA, Italy, works as a business planner and controller for a private multi-specialist hospital near Milan, Italy:

“I started in hospital management in 1997 with a degree in economics and business. My hospital, which was new at the time, was one of the first in Italy to have a controlling department. I learned a great deal in a hands-on way – you know: learning by doing.

Dr. Gudrun Mekle, MBA, Germany, is a physician working in a specialised hospital of the “Wittgensteiner Kliniken” Hospital Group:

“It is a very challenging programme, which I recommend to anyone working in hospital management. It equips graduates with the know-how and methods that are essential tools for professionals working in entrepreneurial hospital management. The time commitment in addition to my job is considerable, but it is worth it! In light of my experience as a doctor in Asia, especially in hospitals in Hong Kong and Shanghai, I am convinced that we must extend our thinking far beyond our national borders in order to bring about change. Excellence and practical vision can only be nurtured in an inspiring intellectual environment – and this is also true when developing innovative approaches to the management of healthcare facilities.”

Syed Zia ul Hassan Bokhari, MBA, Pakistan, is associated with the pharmaceutical sector and an eye hospital as a Financial & Corporate Consultant and Auditor:

“It’s a unique and tailor-made MBA programme which no university in my country currently offers. I want to acquire the skills to become a hospital manager anywhere in the world – and there is also great scope in my country.
My class-mates come from a range of different countries. They have a different concept of healthcare and different healthcare systems in their countries. We learn about each other’s health systems and problems and discuss solutions. This is a very interesting part of this course.”

Dr. Stephan Meister, MBA, Germany, has 13 years of clinical experience and is now working for the Asklepios Hospital Group, Germany:

“What fascinates me is the interdisciplinary and international approach in the Hospital Management Programme. My expectations of the MBA course can be summed up very simply: I want to create my own international network for the exchange of knowledge and experience as well as benchmarking projects. I am also keen to acquire sound skills in economics and management and improve my understanding of conditions and needs in other countries. For me, participating in the course is uniquely enriching in both human and cultural terms – it is an experience I would not want to miss.”