Application Form

Please ask the office for application.
Next enrollment is in October 2012.

Your completed application form should be submitted along with certified copies of your references and diplomas. If references are in a language other than English, French, or German, please include a certified English translation.

Please contact our admission office as soon as possible for a CV pre-check before entering the application process.

Please organise your private and business time schedule as early as possible so that you are able to attend all the modules without exception. The MBA International Healthcare Management is designed especially for full-time working professionals.

Ask your employer for paid leave; otherwise, take unpaid leave or use part of your holidays.

Make financial arrangements if necessary to cover the programme fees, travel expenses and all other private costs. Ask your employer for assistance, contact your bank for a loan or, if you are an exceptionally talented student from a developing country, apply for a scholarship.

Please send us your completed and signed application as early as possible.

Please make all the necessary visa arrangements to ensure that you are able to attend all the modules where attendance is mandatory.