Disaster Management

Since 2010 NHCS started the activities on the field of disaster management in cooperation with several prestigeouse institutions and is working on

  • Healthcare Disaster Management
  • Logistic Aspects of Disaster Management in Healthcare

Our Motivation

In this day and age, mankind has been faced with constant waves of disasters. Now whether these disasters are natural occurrences or whether they are the result of terrorist attacks, the outcome of human pain and suffering is still the same. Due to the fact that the quintessential element of concern at the center of any disaster is the element of human life it must come as no surprise that healthcare professionals have a paramount role to play in countering the effects of disasters.

As much as science and technology are consistently advancing in an attempt to accurately and promptly forecast these natural disasters and as hard as intelligence agencies scramble to fine-tune their abilities to subdue terrorist organizations, we must still entertain and be completely prepared for a scenario in which these disasters can occur once all mitigation efforts have failed.

Therefore, Disaster Preparedness is the single most effective tool we have to combat a disaster once it has actually happened. For this reason, we must never underestimate the significance of continuously educating and training healthcare workers in the intricate art of disaster planning, situation analysis, organization and coordination, as well as performance evaluation in order that they can muster the best possible response to curtail the adverse effects of disasters on human lives.